The Two Truths About Love

Have you ever noticed that some relationships thrive and grow in complexity and strength as the years pass? THE TWO TRUTHS ABOUT LOVE is a guide to creating this type of relationship–an extraordinary partnership where both people feel fully accepted while evolving together. By discovering new and powerful ways to form deep connections with others, you can start building the kind of relationships you’ve always desired.

In this book, you will learn how to give others permission to be themselves, while also taking responsibility for your own actions and reactions. By managing your emotions, fostering real communication and trust, and embracing the differences between you and others, you will open the door to achieving true happiness with your partner, or anyone in your life. After all, relationships are at the very heart of human experience. This book is an invitation to make yours extraordinary.

The Two Truths About Love

Simple yet not simplistic, the teachings in this book are wise and trustworthy riverbanks for the flow of intimate relationships.

TARA BRACH, PhD, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

Elegant and simple, and from my perspective and experience, true. I highly recommend The Two Truths About Love to everyone, therapists and couples.

HARVILLE HENDRIX, PhD, author of Getting the Love You Want

Comments Received from Readers

Before the book was published, New Harbinger’s freelance editor sent me an email expressing her feelings about the book just days after receiving it. She wrote:

Your book is fantastic. Of the countless books I’ve worked on for New Harbinger over the last decade, I think it might be the one most helpful to me personally overall. For now, just wanted to say that, and to let you know that I’ll be sending you the first batch for your review later this morning or tomorrow morning at the latest.

A week later, she emailed again:

The book is genuinely remarkable. I find that I’m already able to implement some of this, and that it does make a difference–and this is after very little time, and without a great deal of conscious effort or struggle to remember to implement it. I could feel a little forlorn: Where has this book been all my life! 😉 But the book is so effective that instead say, “I’m so excited that this book can inform the rest of my life.”

I adore when readers contact me to tell me the book has influenced their life in a positive way. One such anonymous reader sent me the following email:

I have just finished reading your book, and I think it is the most transformative book I have ever had the good fortune to read! I am in the early stages of getting to know someone and began to realize how I was making myself suffer.  Due to my misperceiving an event and “not giving him permission” I found  myself terribly sad.  Your book was in my handbag at the time, and reading it enabled me to get through a difficult weekend.  I’m hoping to share this book and wisdom with him, my friends and family.  Thank you so much for what you have given us.

Reviews Posted Online

I bought this book thinking it could possibly offer me some insight into my relationship with my husband -this it did and so much more! This book offers guidance and tools to enhance ALL relationships including your children, friends, parents, teachers and the most important one – with yourself. By writing short 1-2 page chapters, it is easy to read while at the same time filled with deep and meaningful insights and tools to live a more present and joyful life. It is a book that can be kept at your bedside and reread many times over. I have it sandwiched between Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now” and Byron Katie’s “Loving What is”, and it greatly complements the both of them. Thank you Jason Fischer for writing a book from your heart and soul – what a gift this is to humanity!!

This book is perhaps one of thee most helpful books I have been fortunate to come across. If you think you know how to handle a lasting relationship with your loved one or just everyday people, then this book is a must read. If you don’t care about improving how you deal with other people, then don’t waste your time and live your life bumping into walls.

This is a must read! There are a lot of relationship books out there but this is so much more. It’s practical and engaging with so many helpful ways to think about how you interact with your spouse, partner or any relationship in your life. A feeling of calm comes over me when I read this book and hope for making my relationships even more extraordinary! If I could give it 10 stars I would!

Excellent book! My wife read it and it has definitely changed our relationship in a profound way. I read it first and we are going to read it again together. I highly recommend it for couples. I highly recommend it for anybody. An easy read but at the same time it will show you how you can better your relationships not to mention how it will change you personally in a real positive way. It gives you a chance to really take a good look at yourself, increase your awareness and become a more enlightened individual.

My husband and I both read this very important book and it really helped us in our own relationship, as well as in our relationships with our children, co-workers, friends, and extended family. It has helped us feel less resentment and to take more ownership of our actions. I have recommended it to several friends who feel the same way about it. I definitely recommend!!!

In a publisher’s sea of books on relationships, mindfulness, Zen, compassion, and the Tao of everything under the sun, Mr. Fischer has brought to the forum a thoroughly accessible guidebook that cuts through the chatter and pretense, distilling all of the wisdom about relationships, all relationships, down to two simple precepts. Bravo! The conversational stock, seasoned with a pinch of intellectual flair, ripe Zen parables, and homegrown dialogues all make for a rich and fulfilling stew that is easily enjoyed by the spoon or by the bowl. I highly recommend this gem and encourage readers to share it in their circles.