Turbo Therapy

Turbo Therapy is a term I coined to refer to intensive counseling that occurs during a single day or two. Usually conducted on weekends, you can gain the benefit of months of therapy by meeting with me for a concentrated period of time. This option is available for individuals, couples or families and is ideal for those who cannot commit to weekly sessions or for those who live outside of Austin.

There are four options for Turbo Therapy:

  • Level 1 (3 hours/1 day): One 3-hour session
  • Level 2 (6 hours/1 day): 3-hour session | meal break | 3-hour session
  • Level 2 (9 hours): Level 2 + 3-hour session on the following day
  • Level 3 (12 hours/2 days): Level 2 | overnight break | Level 2

You may request more detailed info about Turbo Therapy via the contact page.