My Philosophy

My philosophy is one that teaches how our experience of emotional wellness hinges predominantly upon one thing: our talent for building extraordinary relationships—not only with others, but with one’s self and the world in general. I’ve termed this philosophy The Art of Giving Permission (TAOGP) and it is a powerful, effective, comprehensive system for engaging life in a brand new way—a way that works.

Where did this philosophy come from? In Buddhism, it has been said that enlightenment happens “gradually all of a sudden”. Although I make no claims whatsoever of being enlightened, this is very much how TAOGP came into being. Over the course of over 12,000 hours shared with clients, I listened carefully to the myriad stories of personal suffering and relational conflict I encountered, seeking answers to certain questions I carried with me: What do these stories all have in common? What is the true root of human suffering? Most importantly, what is the solution? How can suffering be transformed? How can individuals create for themselves the lives and relationships they deserve and desire? Then, one otherwise uneventful afternoon—gradually all of a sudden—the answer appeared. I have been teaching it ever since.

Right now, you are invited to discover what I did that afternoon, specifically, what causes human suffering and what you can do to cultivate the life and relationships you have always wanted. You are offered this invitation not only for your sake, but for the sake of all those you care about—your partner, family members, friends, business associates, neighbors, strangers, pets, anyone, everyone. Then, as you embrace this opportunity to skillfully build a truly extraordinary life for yourself, you will be joining a larger movement to improve the fate of our global community—how we all interact with one another and achieve, in unison, the goals we share in common.