Suicide Prevention

Help yourself or someone you love find a more loving way to end their suffering.

Suicide is preventable. Whenever I hear about a suicide, I feel remorseful. Had I only had a chance to meet with this person (I think to myself), it could have been so easily avoided. Yet this is the greatest problem with suicide: we learn about it once it's too late.

If you suspect that someone you know is suicidal, please let them know about me. Tell them you've found a therapist that has a truly unique perspective about suicide and how to prevent it. Human consciousness is too great a miracle to be left unappreciated and thrown away, especially when so much more is possible.

I will also warn that many psychiatric pharmaceuticals list "suicidal thoughts and actions" among their possible side effects. As such, someone on such medications may pose a greater risk of suicide than expected, even if he or she does not openly confess to being suicidal. Act early to help someone you love or yourself embrace the possibility of a becoming truly joyful. Such joyfulness IS possible. Let me reveal how. (Note: If you don't know how to get someone you're worried about into counseling, send me an email via the contact page.)

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