Key Terms

When talking about The Art of Giving Permission, I continually rely upon certain language. In order to avoid any confusion about what it is I mean by these terms, I’ve included here a brief glossary of some of the words or phrases that I use the most often. If, in reading any of my blog posts, the meaning of a word or phrase I’ve used begs some clarification, you can refer to this list. If the word or phrase has not been included, please feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to provide a personal definition for the word or phrase in question.

The opposite of Emotional Autonomy, characterized by blaming others for one’s emotional experience and/or taking responsibility for the emotional experience of others.

Emotional Autonomy
The ability of an individual to take responsibility for one’s own emotional experience and minimize the effect that external circumstances have upon internal (emotional) experience.

Emotional Comfort Zone
The range of emotional experience in which an individual feel comfortable and maintains composure.

A state of persistent calm.

Internal Friendship
The relationship one has with him or herself.

A state of persistent closeness marked by a shared experience of safety and familiarity.

The ability to gracefully embrace the entire spectrum of human emotion. By this definition, joyfulness is not synonymous with happiness, because happiness is only one emotion within the human spectrum.

Loop of Doom
A pattern of recurring conflict between two individuals that leads to emotional distancing and estrangement.

The state of thinking and speaking in a way that is “inarguably true”.

The experience of an emotional state that is unwanted or undesired. Forms of physical suffering (i.e. physical pain) are not considered within the meaning of this term. Suffering, in this case, relates exclusively to emotional suffering.



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