My Mission

A little bit about my mission

My personal mission, both in my counseling practice and in this website, is to share ideas that offer uncommon perspectives on life, self-transformation, and the cultivation of extraordinary relationships. Through my writings and work as a therapist, I aim to add my voice to the global conversation about what truly causes human suffering and what all of us can do, individually and in our relationships, to alleviate suffering--our own and that of others--at the profoundest level possible.

I hope that the concept of giving permission will someday grow so widespread that it becomes a household phrase, that all human beings will fully grasp the power that comes from this art, take true responsibility for their own emotional experience, and use this wisdom to nurture themselves and everyone around them.

In the end, I have a vision of what this would look like: a world in love, a world of compassion and kindness, not a perfect world or a world without hardships, but a world deep in understanding, appreciation, connectedness and cooperation. This is the mission that keeps me thinking, keeps me discovering, keeps me sharing whatever I learn with whomever cares to listen. Why? Because life matters. Every little (and large) life matters.

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