Individual Counseling

"It is wisdom that is seeking wisdom." - Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

Every client who has ever walked into my office--whether they knew it or not--was motivated by the wisdom within them to do so. It is wisdom that enables us to admit that we do not have all the answers we desire and that maybe we could use a little help, a small nudge, a bit of guidance.

Individuals have astonishing power to transform themselves, all of their relationships, every aspect of their lives and the world around them. Unfortunately, few of us have been taught how to use this power to our greatest advantage. Luckily, whatever we don't know can be learned, once we find an adept teacher.

Whether you're dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, stress, grief, an addiction, eating disorder, relational strife, compulsions, career questions or, well, you name it, the solution is always the same: discovering how to unleash the power (and wisdom) within you. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with you. You are not broken and do not need fixing. What you are experiencing right now is a reflection of your current wisdom, everything you currently think and know about yourself and life in general. As a therapist, I don't want to change you; I just want to add a bit more wisdom to who you are already.

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