Uncommon Counseling

I want you to discover how much power you have. I want you to learn how to enjoy and appreciate your life, yourself, and others. Today is all we have for certain. There’s no more important work than learning how to make the most of it.

Everything I know, and everything I will learn in the future, I want to give to those who are hungry to grow

I find deep fulfillment in my career as a counselor. It’s something I guess is just in my bones because, for reasons I cannot necessarily explain, I have lived my life in many ways like that of a philosopher or seeker. Yes I know, “philosopher” sounds a bit hoity-toity, like I’m comparing myself to the likes of Socrates or Nietzsche, but this isn’t what I mean.


Every client who has ever walked into my office–whether they knew it or not–was motivated by the wisdom within them to do so.


Couples counseling with me doesn’t look like it might with most therapists. I’m not going to spend your valuable time (and mine) having you and your partner take turns talking and listening to each other.


Family counseling can be the very most complex and complicated type of therapy. Many times, families arrive to therapy after years worth of conflict, discord and accumulated distance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know you’re a good counselor?

As in any profession, there are better and worse counselors out there. Until you work with me personally, you can’t know for sure how good I am. What I can say is this, however: a vast majority of my new clients find out about me from people I’ve worked with in the past. So, there’s that.

How much do you charge?

Nothing is more worthwhile than making a meaningful, transformative investment in yourself, your life, and your relationships. My rates of $125/session are below industry standards, especially for my education level, experience, and uniqueness of my approach.

Do you accept insurance?

Alas, I no longer accept insurance due to the cumbersome and inefficient nature of attempting to do so. You can chalk this up to me exercising a deserved measure of self-care.