These FAQs will better inform your decision to work with me

How do I know you’re a good counselor?

As in any profession, there are better and worse counselors out there. Until you work with me personally, you can't know for sure how good I am. Trust your gut instincts. Working with me will provide your answer.

How much do you charge?

Making a meaningful, transformative investment in yourself or a significant relationship requires both time and money. My rates of $125/session are competitive with industry standards and for my education level, licensure, and expertise a significant value.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

In order to make counseling accessible for all, I set aside a percentage of my appointments for reduced rate clients. If you are without insurance and are worried about affording counseling, please let me know. I will never allow financial limitations to interfere with you getting the help you deserve.

Do you accept insurance?


How are sessions conducted?

Sessions primarily take place at my office at Plumeria Counseling Center. For those who are unable to attend therapy in person, I conduct sessions via Skype, FaceTime, or phone call. Telecounseling sessions are scheduled and paid for beforehand through the receptionist at Plumeria Counseling Center. You can also take advantage of Turbo Therapy (more info under Services).

When are appointments available?

My schedule frequently changes to keep up with the demands of the clients I serve. Appointments range from late morning to evening and everything in between. I do not generally offer weekend hours, but may occasionally make exceptions.

Are you available outside of normal business hours?

My clients routinely text and email me throughout each and every day of my life. I welcome this wholeheartedly, as it helps me be of the greatest service possible. My clients understand that my ability to respond is sometimes limited, but I am usually able to do so in a timely manner. Because I love being a therapist, the "work" I put into it outside of my normal business hours is genuinely fun for me and I do not charge clients for any time I spend in this way.

How do I get started?

Just email me via the contact page to ask questions or request an initial appointment.

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