How do I know you’re a good counselor?

As in any profession, there are better and worse counselors out there. Until you work with me personally, you can’t know for sure how good I am. What I can say is this, however: a vast majority of my new clients find out about me from people I’ve worked with in the past. So, there’s that.

How much do you charge?

Nothing is more worthwhile than making a meaningful, transformative investment in yourself, your life, and your relationships. My rates of $125/session are below industry standards, especially for my education level, experience, and uniqueness of my approach.

Do you accept insurance?

Alas, I no longer accept insurance due to the cumbersome and inefficient nature of attempting to do so. You can chalk this up to me exercising a deserved measure of self-care.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

In order to make counseling accessible for all, I set aside a percentage of my appointments for reduced-rate clients. If you are without insurance and are worried about affording counseling, please let me know. I will never allow financial limitations to interfere with you getting the help you deserve.

How are sessions conducted?

Thanks to that whole Covid thing, like many, I’ve transitioned to a practice that is almost entirely conducted remotely (over Zoom). I’ve found telecounseling to be every bit as effective as in-person meetings, with the added benefit of greater convenience for both clients and counselor alike. My office at Sunshine Neurofeedback may be made available for those who express a strong preference to receive counseling in-person.

Do you work with children?

Yes and no. While I am willing to work with children within the context of family counseling, I do not recommend sending children to individual counseling. As far as counseling is concerned, I believe strongly that children are best helped through the conduit of working with one or more of the central adults in their life. Working together, I can help you learn ways to interact with your child that will best result in the changes in your child you desire. You may also consider neurofeedback as a powerful method of treating mental, emotional, and behavioral issues that your child may be experiencing. Please visit www.sunshineneurofeedback.com to learn more about this opportunity.

Do you work with teens?

Yes, with the caveat that the teen willfully opts into the counseling process.

When are appointments available?

My schedule fluctuates daily depending on the demands of my life as a parent as well. Appointments may occur as early as 9:00 AM CST or as late as 8:00 PM CST. I do not generally offer weekend hours, but occasionally make exceptions.

Are you available outside of normal business hours?

My clients routinely text and email me throughout each and every day of my life. I welcome this wholeheartedly, as it helps me be of the greatest service possible. My clients understand that my ability to respond is sometimes limited, but I am usually able to do so in a timely manner. Because I enjoy being of service, the “work” I put into correspondences outside of my normal business hours is genuinely fun for me and I do not charge clients for any time I spend in this way.

How do I get started?

You may email me via the contact page to inquire about my current availability. To initiate counseling, I will send you a link to the client portal which will allow you to complete the paperwork necessary for us to get started. As soon as this paperwork is completed, we’ll schedule your first appointment.