Family Counseling

Family counseling can be the very most complex and complicated type of therapy. Many times, families arrive to therapy after years worth of conflict, discord and accumulated distance. No matter how many individuals come in for sessions, know that the entire family dynamic can be transformed in a positive way. This is true even if only one person comes to therapy!

Family relationships are a major contributor to life satisfaction. Imagine yourself as a tree. Every familial relationship is a distinct branch that extends from your trunk. If one or more of these branches isn’t thriving, then how can the whole tree be seen as fully alive and vibrant? It can’t.

This is why, if you want the greatest sense of joyfulness possible for yourself, recognizing the value of all your branches is so important. It’s truly an honor for me to help families mend and come closer together. This may include one person alone in counseling all throughout or include different combinations of family members along the way.

family lifestyle portrait of a mum and dad with their two kids having fun outdoors