Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki Roshi said that, “It is wisdom that is seeking wisdom.”

When it comes to counseling, I know for a fact this holds true. Every client who has ever walked into my office–whether they knew it or not–was motivated by the wisdom within them to do so. Indeed, it is wisdom that enables us to admit that we do not have all the answers we desire and that maybe, just maybe, we could use a little help, a little nudge, a little guidance.

Weekly Counseling

If you live in Austin, Texas (or nearby), I maintain my practice at Plumeria Counseling Center and I always enjoy the opportunity to help new clients. If you schedule far enough in advance, we can definitely find you a spot. To make an appointment, you can call my office at 1-512-344-9181. Be sure to tell them, “Jason said it was okay”. That’s the secret passphrase.

Turbo Therapy

A really great way to get months worth of therapy quickly is to take advantage of something I call Turbo Therapy. These are held in 6-hour, 9-hour, or 12-hour increments during a weekend. For individuals, I recommend 6 hours, which can be attended in a single day or in 2, 3-hour sessions on consecutive days. For couples, I recommend either the 6-hour or 9-hour formats. For family counseling, I recommend the 9-hour or 12-hour formats. Amazing results can occur from this kind of intensive and it is especially useful for those looking for a major shift in perspective. Call it a “Therapeutic Vacation” and, while you’re here, enjoy the unique city that is Austin, Texas. To learn more about Turbo Therapy, including pricing, simply message me directly via the contact page.


Don’t live in Austin? I do conduct counseling sessions via Skype. To make an appointment, follow the same procedure as I just mentioned. The only other thing you will want to do is download the informed consent and intake forms from Plumeria’s website, which you can access here. Once signed, you can either fax these to 1-512-344-9135 or email them to Once that’s completed, we’ll be ready to connect online at the scheduled day/time. My Skype handle is (of all things) jasonbfischer.

D.I.Y. Therapy

To be honest, much of what I teach my clients is the same for everyone and the core of my message is, more or less, a matter of public record. You don’t have to meet with me face-to-face to learn how to powerfully transform your life. You can, essentially, Do-It-Yourself. The best place to start would be with my book The Two Truths About Love. (Oddly enough, this book really isn’t about love or romantic relationships; it’s about how to truly alleviate suffering in all its myriad forms and improve all your relationships, including your relationship with yourself.) If you read this book, comb through my blogposts, check out my tweets, and subscribe to receive my new articles each week, you’ll be in well on your way to the life you desire. Truly discover “The Art of Giving Permission” and you’ll become your own therapist!

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