Benevolent Parenting

Every child is a garden yearning to bloom, and every adult is too.

Raising a child well takes wisdom, a type of wisdom that few understand and even fewer have experienced for themselves. Once I had children, I began philosophizing about the best ways to raise them.

From this process of inquiry, I developed an original system of parenting which I've termed Benevolent Parenting. The system is simple in structure, but amazingly effective at raising children who are both happy AND responsive to direction. 

Inspired by the 18th century concepts of enlightened absolutism and the benevolent monarchy, Benevolent Parenting teaches parents how to maintain absolute authority in their home by relying on an unconventional set of philosophies and techniques that powerfully nurture the emotional wellness and freedom of their children. It looks at children as citizens of a kingdom ruled by one or two monarchs and recognizes that it is the responsibility of these monarchs to consistently govern with benevolence, skillfully fostering the happiness of all those who rely upon them for protection and guidance.

If you're curious how I've chosen to raise my own children, I look forward to teaching you everything I've discovered about Benevolent Parenting.

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